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Global China Insights

China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative: connecting continents

The first “Belt and Road Summit” was held in May 2017 in Beijing, China. It is considered to be a key milestone and communication platform for China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative (“OBOR”), which is expected to shine brightly in the capital market and the physical economy in 2017.

OBOR is a major economic strategy, initiated by China in 2013, aiming to develop trade/commerce, energy, real estate, agriculture, and transportation/logistics by establishing fundamental infrastructures across Asia, Africa and Europe. These include, though are not limited to, railways, sea ports and electricity networks. According to the OBOR Report (February 2017) issued by Min-sheng Securities’ Research Institute, Southeast Asia shows the best performance in the trade/commerce sector. It also notes that countries in Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, West Asia and North Africa enjoy a relatively higher development potentiality compared to other regions, mostly because of the high demand of infrastructure establishments. Also notable is that European countries are foreseen to grow in the sectors of trade/commerce, finance and technology.


So far, China has invested USD 40 trillion in the Silk Road Fund, which finances OBOR. OBOR is the crucial motive for the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (“AIIB”), which has a total capital size of USD 50 trillion.

Minervise Accounting and Taxation provide distinctive services in the market we servce. We are a team of bilingual specialists who can provide practical advice on strategy, culture, regulatory environment, legal, accounting and tax in both the UK and China. We help companies from China to establish and develop in the UK. Working with Minervise's local network and contacts benefits the clients in both the UK and China.


We work with Chinese companies to achieve their ambition for internationalisation to the UK and European markets. Together with sector knowledge and working with our colleagues in Minervise’s global network as appropriate, we are a team with extensive experience in cross-border transactions. 

The people here want to work with you and appreciate your approach. A team with a deep understanding of Chinese business culture - the better we get to know you the more we will understand how you like to work and the more we can help you.

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- Advise on the different between the UK and Chinese tax system

- Tax planning

- Preparation of tax returns

- Tax advisory

- Tax disputes review and analysis

Merger & Acquisitions

- Group reorganisation planning and tax consequence analysis

- Pre-transaction planning and post-transaction integration

- Due diligence review


- Investment vehicle planning

- Business model planning

- Entity setup application and registration formalities.

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